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Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 12:36 PM EDT

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Vanguard lives once more

General News... well kinda.

The Vanguard of Deathwing resources have merged with an honest-to-goodness PvP guild: Dead on Arrival. DoA is run by Dauthus, who is actively recruiting PvPers and running frequent premades. The guild is using Vanguard vent and might be using the website and forums in the future. Be sure to /join vanguard if you're unable to leave your regular raiding guild for DoA.

More news to come as Dead on Arrival grows.
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The end of Premades

This is possibly the end of premades.

Premades take time and effort to organize. If your chances of winning are just as good with a PUG, why bother to do it? We make premades because it gives us an advantage... a way to more efficiently get the rewards we seek.Now (due to queue times) it is actually less efficient to do a premade than to solo queue.

So premades will spend longer in the queue, fight in longer battles, and still have no better chance of winning. It's kinda like Arenas... except you don't get any reward for having a good group with a high rating. Battlegrounds are now not for people who need gear. Get gear by solo queuing. Only run premades if you're willing to spent 45 minute turn around times on games, for no reward.

Excuse my language, but *censored* Blizzard for doing this. They have basically destroyed premades and made it even harder for people without gear to get gear. Rich get richer once again. Our one weapon was superior tactics and communication to overcome the gear gap. But now even that's gone.
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WSG Weekend Premades

We had a very successful set of WSG runs to kick off the holiday weekend. Our group won 10 games and bowed out of 2 for a total of 32 marks and 4-5k honor. Very nice job! We even took down a few premades from other servers and made and Deathwing Horde premade queue their members out. A big thanks to everyone who attended.

I think that we will try to have a premade for the holiday battleground on Friday evenings in the future. We had a good turnout and didn't face *that* many opposing premades (that we couldn't handle).
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AB and More

Our Wednesday night premades started out with some AB runs. Everyone who came did an excellent job. We won every game, including one against a Kel'Thuzad premade (you'll be hearing about this in the taunt box) and two against Onyxia partials. It was a lot of fun and we made quite a few marks out of the deal.

We ended the night with some EotS premades because it was the daily. All were victories, including one 2000-0 shutout.
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AV Weekend Results

A big thanks to everyone who ran with us this AV weekend! Igdby did a great job of leading the premades. Also thanks to Hamond (who hasn't joined us yet *hint*).

We have reports of a 90% victory rate over about 5 hours of play. Participants raked in over 10k honor and caused the Horde no end of grief.
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First premade "raid night"

The Vanguard held its first night of premades with great success. Warsong was the scheduled battleground, and we ran quite a few 10-minute games for a total of 20 marks. Next, we did a handful of EotS runs to get everyone's daily quest done, scoring several 2000-0 victories. Warsong turned out to be quite popular, and at one point there was a five-person waiting list to get in.

Thanks to everyone who attended!
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The Vanguard

Welcome to the Vanguard website. We are a PvP clan focused on winning battleground matches and establishing a network of pvp-minded players. We are not a guild, and our members are free to maintain their membership in regular raiding guilds while playing with us. A guild structure is loosely maintained on this website, along with a forum, "raid schedule" of premades, and a number of other resources. The goal is to run battleground premades in the same way that a regular guild runs raids.

We're always looking for competent players of any gear level to run with us. If you're level 70 with a desire to pvp and actually win battlegrounds, then the Vanguard of Deathwing might be for you. Please check out the forums for info on how to apply.


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